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Barn Style Sheds

We are excited to add the barn style shed to our lineup! As with our utility sheds, we do not offer cheap inferior building methods or materials. Our standards are upgrades for other shed manufacturers. We will not put shingles on our barn style since that creates a fail spot where they bend over the hip and are face-nailed. We use metal roofing on all our barn style sheds. Our floor is the same heavy duty floor as our utility style and our warranty is the same 25 years. We believe that if you invest in a shed, you should not only get many years of service, but your shed should retain it's good looks as well.

We are working to update the final price in the configurator, this is the official price list.

When comparing with other manufacturers, select the "elite" style to get a comparable price.

Our most popular Barn sizes

The siding we use comes with a 50 year warranty but the warranty is void if it is not painted. Many shed builders do not include painting in their prices and then offer it as an addition. We feel this is a bait and switch tactic. We include custom painting in all our prices.

6 ft.png
8 ft.png
10 ft.png

6 foot wide

This width can be built either lean-to or regular gable roof.

6x8   48 sq ft   $3,360
6x10   60 sq ft   $3,990
6x12    72 sq ft   $4320

8 foot wide

These come standard with 1 window

8x8   64 sq ft   $4,230
8x10    80 sq ft    $4990
8x12    96 sq ft    $5280

8x14   112 sq ft    $5,390
8x16    128 sq ft    $5,580

10 foot wide

These come standard with 2 windows

10x10    100 sq ft    $5,190
10x12    120 sq ft    $5,990
10x14    140 sq ft    $6258
10x16    160 sq ft    $6,890
10x18    180 sq ft    $7,780
10x20    200 sq ft    $8,120
10x24    240 sq ft    $9,958

Larger format barns

12 ft.png
14 ft.png
16 ft.png

12 foot wide

This size come with 3 windows

12x12    144 sq ft     $6,390
12x14    168 sq ft    $7,280
12x16    192 sq ft    $8,290
12x18    216 sq ft    $8,980
12x20    240 sq ft    $9,758
12x24    288 sq ft    $11,390

14 foot wide

This size comes with 3 windows

14x14    196 sq ft    $8,260
14x16    224 sq ft    $8,990
14x18    252 sq ft    $10,180
14x20    280 sq ft    $10,990
14x24    336 sq ft    $12,960

16 foot wide

This size comes with 4 windows

16x16    256 sq ft    $10,290
16x18    288 sq ft    $11,260
16x20    320 sq ft    $12,480
16x24    384 sq ft    $14,890

16x32    512 sq ft    $23,040

16x40    640 sq ft    $25,650

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